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Aluminum wire insect mesh is a high class windon screen that siut used in the humid environment,the finish tochnology is epoxy resin coated to the color black,green,yellow,blue and red.stainless steel epoxy coated wire mesh is a good material for oil filtration purpose.
Popular mesh size are 14 x 14,16 x 14,16 x 16,18 x 16,18 x 14,18 x 18,20 x 20.
Diameter: BWG30,BWG31,BWG32,BWG33,BWG34,BWG,35,BWG36,BWG37,BWG38,BWG39.
Width: 500mm,600mm,700mm,800mm,914mm,1000mm,1200mm,1500mm,1800mm,2000mm.
Material choose: aluminum wire,stainless steel wire,low carbon wire. 

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