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Product name : Tungsten Woven Wire Mesh
Item : 2019716172050
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The common weave type for Tungsten wire mesh are plain weave and twilled weave,the material is black pure Tungsten wire that tungsten content more than 99.95%,the max working temperature for Tungsten wire mesh is 3400°C,that's why Tungsten mesh used for heat treatment grill in the vacuum furnace,shielding screen and filter light wave.30 mesh Tungsten is used for electromagnetic shielding.
Mesh size from 1 mesh - 200 mesh
Aperture: 0.07mm - 23.7mm
Width of rolls: 50mm to 2000mm
Mesh size of Tungsten in stocks: 
10 x 10 mesh
20 x 20 mesh
30 x 30 mesh
37 x 37 mesh
40 x 40 mesh
100 x 100 mesh
150 x 150 mesh

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