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Product name : Flange Sintered Mesh Filter Element
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Sintered wire mesh filter elements with flange material stainless steel 316L and 304,most filter use the five layers sintered mesh from 1 micron to 200 microns.The excellence of sintered filter element is easy for backwash and uniform precision.the cylinder is according to the flow direction of the liquids and gases,many applications that the sintered filter uses in water treatment,oil filtration,pharmacy,polymer melt purification and filtration of air media in the high temperature.

The sintered filter element can be working filtration in the temperature -200 ℃ - 600 ℃ of acid and alkali environment,the surface filtering structure with excellent backwash effect makes the sintered filter reusable.
Minimum outer diameter can be 10mm,connection type indlude flange,NPT thread.

Five layers sintered wire mesh structure:
1 micron sintered mesh:    100+400/2800+100+12/64+64/12
2 mircon sintered mesh:    100+325/2500+100+12/64+64/12
5 micron sintered mesh:    100+200/1400+100+12/64+64/12
10 mircon sintered mesh:  100+165/1400+100+12/64+64/12
15 mircon sintered mesh:  100+165/1200+100+12/64+64/12
20 mircon sintered mesh:  100+165/800+100+12/64+64/12
25 mircon sintered mesh:  100+165/600+100+12/64+64/12
30 mircon sintered mesh:  100+450+100+12/64+64/12
40 mircon sintered mesh:  100+325+100+12/64+64/12
50 mircon sintered mesh:  100+250+100+12/64+64/12
75 mircon sintered mesh:  100+200+100+12/64+64/12
100 mircon sintered mesh:  100+150+100+12/64+64/12

Other specification and dimension of sintered wire mesh can be custom made by clients need.

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