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The woven type of crimped wire mesh we can make are plain weave,pre-crimped,lock crimp weave,intermediate crimp weave.The materials of decorative crimped mesh are stainless steel wire,brass wire,low carbon wire,galvanized wire.
Stainless steel crimped wire mesh used in decorative becoming more and more adopt by designers because of the equality mesh opening,beautiful shapes.The plain weave crimped type used in the filter material,security fencing in the zoo and vibrating screen in the mine industry.
Stainless steel wire material choice are AISI 304,AISI 304L,AISI 316,AISI 316L.

          Plain Weave 4 x 4 mesh                            Warp Wire Diameter : 2mm                      Warp Wire Diameter: 2.45mm*3
          Wire Diameter: 1.6mm                               Warp Wire Pitch: 17.5mm                         Warp Wire Pitch: 100mm      
                                                                                  Weft Wire Diameter : 1.5mm                    Weft Wire Diameter: 4mm
                                                                                  Weft Wire Pitch: 3.5mm                             Weft Wire Pitch: 13.5mm

           Warp Wire Diameter: 1.3mm               Flat Wire Diameter: 1.0mmx2.5mm               Warp Wire Diameter: 2.0mm 
           Warp Wire Pitch: 5.5mm                       Wire Pitch: 5mm                                                 Warp Wire Pitch: 5.0mm       
           Weft Wire Diamter: 1.6mm                   Weight: 5.2kg/m²                                                Weft Wire Diameter: 1.2 x 5.0mm
           Weft Wire Pitch: 2.5mm                                                                                                        Weft Wire Pitch: 10mm 

           Flat Wire Size: 7 x 1mm                        Warp Wire Diamter: 1 x 2mm                     Warp Wire Diameter: 1.5mm
           Opening: 35mm                                     Warp Wire Pitch: 4mm                                Warp Wire Pitch: 6.7mm 
           Weight: 6.55kg/m²                                  Weft Wire Diamter: 1 x 2mm*3                  Weft Wire Diamter: 2mm*4
                                                                              Weft Wire Pitch: 18mm

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8 Mesh Crimped Wire Mesh

8 Mesh Crimped Wire Mesh

Square crimped wire mesh in 4 x 4 mesh and 8 x 8 mesh used in the material filter leaf,people choose the stainless steel wire SUS316L.We manufacture d...
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